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Current affairs from 3rd to 7th of may 2017


Current Affairs MCQ’s For the 3rd of may 2017
Question # Question Answer
1 Chief statistician (chief census commissioner ) Pakistan is Asif bajwa
2 Which post Iran has recently offered India to run ? Chabahar
3 Current chief justice of Islamabad high court is Anwar khan kasi
4 Appointment of IG Punjab has been currently challenged at Lahore high court as according to constitution “Acting IG” cannot be appointed. Who is current acting IG Punjab? Usman khattak
5 General elections as scheduled to be held in Pakistan within the 90 days after ? June 5, 2018
6 Which award HEC has recently won? Global good governance award (2nd time )
7 Name of sri lankan chief, who currently me in pakistan’s army chief qamar javed bajwa A.W.J.C De silva
8 Iranian foreign minister recently visited Pakistan. his name is? M jawad zarif
9  U.S has successfully launched another ICBM (international ballistic missile) from California coastal base. What is the name of this ICBM Minuteman III
10 Current DG of UNESCO (united nations education, scientific and cultural organization) is? Irina bokowa
11 Which day has been celebrated on 3rd may World press freedom day
Current Affairs MCQ’s For the 4th  of may 2017
12 Where did deadly Taliban attack on April 21 destroy the lives of over 100 soldiers> Shaheen army corps in Balkh province
13 As a result of recent Taliban attack on afghan forces, which two high profile afghan officials have resign? 1.       Defense minister (Abdullah habibi)

2.       Army chief (qadam shah shahim)

14 Acting defense minister of aganistan is Tariq shah bahrami (major gen)
15 Acting army shief of Afghanistan is Gen sharif yaftai
16 Japans minister of state for foreign affairs, who recently visited Pakistan is Noboue kishi
17 International firefighter day is celebrated on 4th of may
18 In ICC T20  ranking list, Pakistan rank is 3rd
19 Governor state bank of Pakistan ashraf wathra has been retired on? 29th of April
20 Who is acting governor of state bank of Pakistan Riaz uddin
21 Tipu sultan’s death 218th death anniversary has been celebrated on? 4th may (died in 1799)
22 What is the capital of Somalia where a cabinet minister of public works and reconstruction has been killed by mistakenly by official’s guards of auditor general? Mogadishu
Current Affairs MCQ’s For the 5th  of may 2017
23 Which satellite India has launched recently South Asia satellite
24 Why India renamed “SAARC satellite” as south Asia satellite Because Pakistan refused to join it
24 According to current reports, water level of which lake in Pakistan feel to 47 feet and may cause shortage in Karachi Keejhar lake thatta
25 What is another name of keejhar lake Pakistan largest artificial lake (karli lake)
26 Pakistan’s current advisor for national security is Nasir khan janjua
27 Current minister of defense production Pakistan is Rana tanveer hussain
28 Current Indian army chief is Bipin rawat
29 How many alien and refugees have been deported since last 5 years 40149
30 Who has been made head of JIT (join investigation team) to probe panama case Wajid zia (Additional DG FIA)
31 JIT will report its finding to supreme cout within 60 days
32 How many questions by SC will be answered by JIT after 60 days? 15 questions
33 Which French presidential candidate’s election campaign has been hacked and documents leaked Emmanuel macron
34 Which political movement was founded by macron in 2016 En march
35 After khaled mashal, who has currently been officially name as senior leader militant group, Hamas in Palestine? Ismail haniya
36 Capital of Palestine is Disputed ( both Israel and Palestine claimed Jerusalem there capital)
37 News agency TASS belongs to Russia
Current Affairs MCQ’s For the 7th  of may 2017
38 According to finance minister Ishaq daar, new electronic micro computerized system is going to be implemented for collection of tax from Pakistani restaurants. This electronic micro computerized system is based on Singapore model
39 Baluchistan’s current governor Muhammad khan belongs to Pakhthonn khwa mili awami party
40 Baluchistan’s current CM. sana ullah zahri belongs to PML(N)
41 Which section of Pakistan penal code deal with blasphemy law 295-B and 295-C
42 On 7th may, who has become France’s youngest president ever Emmanuel macron (aged 39 years)
43 In recent elections, macron (65.5% votes) defetead Marine le pen (34.5% votes)
44 Residence of France’s president named as Elysee palace
45 Amir khan’s film “Dangal” has recently crossed Rs 800 crore and become second highest grossing Indian movie. so which is the highest grossing Indian movie Baahubali 2 (Rs 1000 crore)


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