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Educators recruitment past papers of NTS | educators tests most helpful mcqs

Educators recruitment past papers of NTS | educators tests most helpful mcqs
Who is the founder of modern education? John Amos
Skimming is a type of (a) writing (b) reading (c)
speaking (d) listening
Which one is accountable in cooperative learning
(a) Individual
(b) Group
(c) Both a & b ans
(d) None of a & b
Which is not the mode of CAI
(a) Tutorial mode (b) Drill mode
(c) Simulation mode (d) Question mode ans
The right sequence of subgroups cognitive domain is
(a) Knowledge, Comprehension, Application,
Synthesis, analysis, Evaluation
(b) Knowledge, Comprehension, application,
Evaluation, analysis, Synthesis
(c) Knowledge, Comprehension, Evaluation,
application, Analysis, Syntesis
(d) Knowledge, Comprehension, application,
analysis, Synthesis Evaluation check
Which is not the characteristic of authoritative
A. Rudeness B. suppressing the subordinates
C. Strict discipline D. Sharing # ans.D
English language communication skills are
a) listening, thinking, speaking, reading
b) listening, speaking, skimming, reading
c) listening, speaking, reading, writing
d) thinking, skimming, reading, writing Ans. c
The first objective of teaching English is to develop
a) listening skill b) speaking skill
c) reading skill d) writing skill
ans a
The no. of kinds of sounds are
a)2 b) 3 c) 5 d) 4 Ans. a
Profession means:
Job Duty Service Work Ans.
Phonology is the study of how sounds are
a) produced b) transmitted
c) organized d) distinguished Ans. c
The no. of consonants in English are
a) 15 b) 21 c) 26 d) 31 Ans. b
The conversions of spoken words into written language
a) transplantation b) transmission
c) translation d) transcription Ans. d
The highest level in linguistic is
a) phonology b) morphology
c) phonetics d) phonology
ans c
Phoneme is the unit of sound
a) maximum b) large
c) minimum d) medium Ans. c
Which one is not the articulator?
a) face b) lips c) tongue d) teeth Ans. a
Uttering with the force of breath is
a) vowel b) consonant c) stress d) phoneme Ans. c
The no. of branches of phonetics are
a) 2 b) 4 c) 3 d) 5 Ans. c
The no. of vowels in English are
a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 Ans. d
Which is not the type of communication channel
a) speaking, listening b) writing, reading
c) thinking, acting d) visualising, observing Ans. c
Communication without words is called
a) nonverbal communication
b) verbal communication
c) oral communication
d) written communication Ans. a
The no. of English language communication skills are
a) 3 b) 2 c) 4 d) 5 Ans c
School should be run on democratic lines is held by?
a. Perennialism b. Essentialism
c. Progressivism…#ans d. Reconstructionism
What is the correct answer of this: Sampling in which
not individuals but groups are randomly selected
a) cluster b) systematic c) random d) stratified
Dramatic reduction in number of employees as per
retirements is called
a) right sizing b) suspension
c) downsizing d) termination
An English philosopher who gave a new impetus to
realism is:
a) Plato b) C.S.Pierce
c) Aristotle d) John Locke
Formal education has well defined
a. Curriculum…#ans b. System
c. Method d. Approach
Which one is not the source of formal education?
a. School b. Museum
c. Library d. Home…#ans
Study of great books is at the core of
a. Perennialism…check b. Essentialism. #ans
c. Progressivism d. Reconstructionism
Which one of the following is NOT a basic component
of a daily lesson plan?
1. Objectives 2. Activities
3. Assignments 4. Evaluation…#ans
Informal education is
a. Planned b. Incidental…#ans
c. Systematic d. Arranged
Which of the following is the nature of curriculum?
A. Conservative B. Critical
C. Creative D. All of these…#ans
The sum of curricular and co-curricular activities is?
a. Aim
b. Curriculum…..#ans
c. Pedagogy
d. Summative evaluation
When a teacher put example after that he describe the
topic in the shadow of that example the teaching
structure is said to “SPECIFIC TO GENRAL
TEACHING methodology”
Inductive method
Epistemology deals with
a. Knowledge..#ans b. Reality
c. Values d. Culture
A.D.P is an abbreviation of
A. Annual Development Programme #ans
B. Annual duty programme
C. Annual division of performance
D. Annual debating programme
The purpose of integrated curriculum is?
A. Activity centered curriculum
B. Integrated curriculum
C. Decrease in number of books….#ans
D. Horizontal organization
To use previous learned material in new situation is
(a) Comprehension (b) Application… #ans
(c) Knowledge (d) Analysis
“Reforms are necessary in all walks of life” is focused
a. Perennialism b. Essentialism
c. Progressivism d. Reconstructionism #ans
The other main__ is that education is a human activity.
a. assumption… #ans b. concepts
c. method d. philosophy
Permanent difficulties in learning are investigated in?
A. Placement Assessment
B. Formative Assessment
C. Summative Assessment
D. Diagnostic Assessment #ans
Cooperative learning is an alternative to
(a) competitive models #ans (b) Teaching models
(c) lesson plans (d) Micro teaching
Administration meams
A. To look after..#ans B. To protect
C. To run D. To establish
Cognitive domain have
(a) Three subgroups (b) Four subgroups
(c) Five subgroups (d) Six subgroups #ans
CAI stands for
(a) Computer analyzed instruction
(b) Computer assisted instruction #ans
(c) Computer assisted interview
(d) Computer analyzed interview
Al-Ghazali’s philosophy of education represents the
a)Islamic thinking b)culture
c)social thinking d)scientific aspect #ans. a
The primary responsibility for determining the aims of
education should be of
a) society b) administration
c) teacher d) textbook writer ans. b)
The highest level of cognitive domain is
a) application b) knowledge
c) synthesis d) evaluation #ans. d
Factor of personality is
(a) Ductless glands (b) Family background
(c) School (d) All the above Ans.d
Positivism philosophy is based on
a. metaphysics b. experience #ans
c. observation d. none
Informal education is
a. Just schooling b. Tine bound
c. Lifelong…#ans d. Preplanned
Which is not the types of teleconferencing
(a) Audio teleconferencing
(b) Video teleconferencing
(c) T.V teleconferencing #ans
(d) Computer teleconferencing
—— is extrinsic motivation.
Money, Grades, Fame, All are correct
Benevolent fund is not given for:
scholarship of children daughter marriage
funeral ceremony of family purchase of car/bike
“Leaders are born, not made” is according to which
Man made theory(verify!!) social power theory,
charismatic theory
Efficiency and discipline rules are prepared for whom?
students teachers society
In Laissez-faire type of administration, administrator do not perform any action and
all the work is done by subordinates.
Employees are fully free in Laissez-faire.
Interview is the least effective method to check learning or to evaluate a shy and deaf
Discussion method is heuristic method.
Student analyze their own performance in project.
Learning is a never ending process.
In experiment, best method to choose sample is simple random.
Private schools were nationalized in 1972.
Establishment of AIOU was proposed in plan 1972.
AIOU was established in May 1974.
Noor Khan was minister of education in 1970.
Technical education was first of all recommended in Educational Conference 1947.
Fazal Ur Rehman was the first education minister in 1947.
At the time of 1947 education policy, Quaid-e-Azam was president/GG.
Text book board was recommended in 1959 policy.
Free education up to 10th was firstly recommended in NEP 1972.
The main focus of NEP 1978 or 1979 was on elementary education.
Commission on National Education 1959 was formed during Ayub period.
At the time of 1998 education policy, Nawaz Sharif was the PM of Pakistan.
Minor penalty is called censure.
Hilda Taba is related to the field of curriculum development.
Arrangement of the elements of curriculum can be defined as Curriculum Design.
Literacy rate in Pakistan is 57%. Verify it!!!
Higher Secondary Education is controlled by DPI.
Philosophical foundation of curriculum is concerned with Ideas.
Budgeting is estimates of income and expenditure.
Supervision of school is main responsibility of headmaster.
Quantitative aspect or marks is called measurement.
Typically supervision is a process of? Guidance or inspection
Power delegated throughout organization is decentralization.
Elements of fear are usually found in inspection.
If an employee is promoted to upper grade but his salary allowances and other
facilities remain same as before then this type of promotion is called horizontal.
Learning difficulties are investigated in diagnostic evaluation.
Informal learning is lifelong.
Education from birth to death is informal.
Non planned learning is informal.
Non formal education has flexible rules.
A second chance of education by open universities is called non-formal.
Psychology is Study of behavior.
National expectations are aims.
Achievement is measured by a test.
Your views/ideas/thinking is your attitude.
Sentence completion is best method to avoid guessing.
In teaching learning process, the task of supervision is performed by principal.
Perennialism is a modified form of realism.
UNESCO suggested 6% GNP for education in developing countries at Karachi
seminar 1960.
Epistemology is the branch of philosophy which deals with knowledge.
Ontology is the branch of philosophy which deals with reality.
Axiology is the branch of philosophy which deals with values.
Sample for the purpose of a research should be representative of population.
Minimum sample size in an experimental research is 30.
“Effect of teaching method on students’ learning” is a type of experimental study.
In-depth study of an individual is made in case study.
SNE stands for Schedule of New Expenditure.
BOS stands for Board Of Studies.
Desire To Know is most important for learning.
Old concept of supervision is inspection.
Principal belongs to non-vacation department.
In programmed learning, main focus is on self-study.
Micro teaching is used to train teachers.
Nominal is lowest level of data.
Table of specification helps in test development.
New concept of supervision is mentoring teachers.
According to realism, purpose of education is overall development.
Every system of education is based upon ideology of nation.
Adjusting new schemes according to old schemes is assimilation.
Charter act was presented in 1813.
Anjuman Humayat-e-Islam was initiated by Caliph Hameed Ud Din.
Scientific society was founded by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.
Nadwa Tul Ulma was established/founded by Molana Shibli Nomani.
Sir Syed was associated with Aligarh college.
Jamia Milia Islamia movement failed due to opposing two nation theory.
The type of leadership that focuses to encourage and motivate staff for creative work
is transformational leadership.
Officers write their views after inspection of institution in Log book.
Inspection officers or visitors write their comments in Log book.
Order book is used to convey order of higher authority?
Classical conditioning was presented by Pavlov.
Dialect method was presented by Socrates.
Hierarchy of needs was presented by Maslow.
POSDCORD is presented by Gullick.
The term I.Q. was presented by Stern.
The formula to determine IQ is given by Stern.
The founder of psychosocial development theory was Erickson.
Jean Paul Sarte is 20th century existentialist.
“Educational psychology is study of teaching and learning in classroom” by William
“Education is creation of a sound mind in a sound body” by Aristotle.
Term bureaucracy was firstly used by Max Webber.
Founder of psychoanalysis is Freud.
Question answer method was developed by Socrates.
Question answer teaching strategy is an old strategy also known as “Socratic Method
of Teaching”.
Who defined the curriculum as “all the learning which is planned and guided by the
school, whether it is carried on in groups or individually, inside or outside the
school”? John Kerry
Curriculum change is done after curriculum evaluation.
In norm referenced test, the comparison is made between individuals.
Activities and experiences for students’ learning are planned on the basis of design.
Old books are preferred in Perenialism.
Sum of values divided by total number of values is called average, mean, or more
specifically arithmetic mean.
Average measure of any population is called parameter.
Measure of central tendency which divides the data into two equal parts is called
Value which appears most often in the data is called mode.
Range is a measure of variability.
Difference of the highest value and the lowest value in the data is called range.
The difference of a value and arithmetic mean is called deviation.
Average of deviations is called variance.
Standard deviation is the positive square root of variance.
Quality of education depends on teacher education. (NOT on quality of text books)
Highest level of cognitive domain is evaluation.
Knowledge is compartmentalized in subject centered curriculum.
We learn 75% through observation.
Wood Despatch was presented in 1854.
ECE failed to succeed in Pakistan due to untrained teachers.
Method based on the philosophy of John Dewey is activity centered.
Pilot testing is conducted for validity.
The difference between plan and policy is shorter and broader.
Term Convergent thinker means “From many ideas the student comes to one idea”.
Project method is used in natural situation.
First step in management of an organisation is planning.
In POSDCORB “co” stands for coordination.
Teacher made tests are majorly used as formative assessment.
I.Q. of gifted child is above 140.
CAI stands for Computer Assisted Instruction.
Knowledge is taken as a whole in Gestalt psychology.
Change agents are teachers.
Macaulay minutes were approved in 1835.
Curriculum provides guidelines to students.
Students are fully free is child centered method.
Aligarh school was elevated to college in 1877.
Important in teaching is teacher student relationship.
Urdu was used as a medium of instruction in Jamia Milia Islamia.
Systematic and efficient working of school is based on time table.
Philosophy provides aims of education.
Latest techniques used for instruction are through AV aids.
List of topics is syllabus.
Punjab text book board is responsible for printing books.
All are elements of curriculum except design.
All activities and experiences in school are curriculum.
Achievement motive is intrinsic.
Object permanence is characteristic of sensory motor stage.
True/false test provides more guessing.
Internal forces or motivation that force a person to initiate are intrinsic motivation.
Being science of wisdom, philosophy aims at search for reality.
Staff development means training staff.
www stands for world wide web.
What, when, why and how to teach are questions of educational psychology.
Principal can grant casual leave.
Which method will you use if you want to promote students’ thinking and provide
them chance to initiate? Learner centered
Which evaluation is performed after equal intervals? Summative
Which is most important in curriculum development, or they are considered first in
curriculum development procedure? Objectives
Who performs responsibility of supervision of co-curricular activities? Headmaster

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