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Important mcqs about rivers from the past papers of NTS, FPSC, PPSC


Rivers of the world

These mcqs are about rivers of the world which were asked in the past papers of NTS, FPSC, PPSC and all other testing systems. Do prepare for maximum marks.

Question number Question Option A Option B Option C Option D
1 Blue Nile originates from lake tana of Ethiopia while Nile originates from lake Victoria. Blue and white Nile meet at ____ and make longest river of the world Cairo Khartoum (Ans) Wad medani Atbara
2 The river Volga pours its water into the _____ Black sea Caspian sea (Ans) Baltic sea Arabian sea
3 A board channel where the waters of a river a sea mingle is called An estuary (Ans) Comets A strait A delta
4 Which is the longest river of the world Nile (Ans) Amazon Volga Mississippi
5 The rivers Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi. Beas, Sutlej are tributes of a which river Gaga Indus (Ans) Yamuna Brahmaputra
6 Which of the following river do not following in Africa Nile  Congo Zamberi Tigris (Ans)
7 Which one the following is the correct sequence of landscape features from the source to mouth of rivers Waterfalls. Alluvial fan. Flood plain (Ans) Waterfalls.

Flood plain

Alluvial fan

Alluvial fan

Flood fan

Water falls

None of these
8 The river Jhelum has its own source from Mount kailash (Ans) Rohtang Verinag Tibet
9 World’s largest river in the term of its flows is  


Amazon Tiber (Ans) Mississippi
10 Which set of two rivers from the world’s largest delta before their water flow into the respective area Rhine seine Nile Euphrates Ganges Brahmaputra (Ans) Danube Thames
11 Which of the following rivers crosses the equator twice Amazon Congo (Ans) Nile Tigris
12 Which of the following rivers flowing through Pakistan has source of origin in that country itself Chenab Ravi Jhelum None of these (Ans)
13 What is the length of shortest river of the world  “ Roe river” 98km (Ans) 65km 99km 71km
14 On the bank of which river is new York situated? River Colorado River Hudson (Ans) River Mississippi River Amazon
15 Nile is the name of River (Ans) Country Lake None of these
16 River Skeena flows through Asia Australia North America (Ans) South America
17 Rome the capital of Italy is located beside the river Danube Rhine Tiber (Ans) Po
18 Rover darling flows through Africa Australia (Ans) South America Asia
19 Red river is present in USA (Ans) Canada Uk Mexico
20 Which is the second longest river of the Europe continent Danube (Ans) Volga Seine Thames
21 Which is the second longest river of America Missouri (Ans) Mississippi Red Colorado
22 Don is a river of Turkey Russia (Ans) Uk Usa
23 Budapest is the capital of Hungary situated in the bank of River spree River Volga River Danube (Ans) River ob
24 Paris i9s the capital of france situated on the bank of Seine (Ans) Po Thane None of these
25 Agra is a very famous city of India due to taj mahal. It is situated on the bank of Brahmaputra Ganges Jumna (Ans) None of these
26 Oxus river is flowing between Afghanistan and Russia Russia and Iran Russia and china Afghanistan and Tajikistan (Ans)
27 Which of the following rivers is called father of rivers Indus (Ans) Nile Amazon Cango
28 What is the source of yellow river Mt.eversest Victoria lake None of these Mt. of china kunlan  (Ans)
29 What is the total length of Amazon 6400 km 6448 km  (Ans) 6349 km 6218 km
30 Yangtze kiang river is located in China  (Ans) Thailand Nepal bhutan
31 What is the source of  Volga river  

Altaj mountain

Valdai plateau  (Ans) Himalayas range None of these
32 The out flow of Indus river is Black sea Indus seas Arabian sea (Ans) None of thsese
33 Which is the largest river of Africa Lena (Ans) Niger Congo Nile river
34 Which is the largest river of asia Yangtaze river Indus Hawang ho Ob (Ans)
35 Which is the longest river of  north America Mississippi (Ans) Amazon Niger lena
36 Which is the longest river of Europe Volga (Ans) Danube Amur None of these
37 Which is the longest river of south america Massuri Peru Congo Amazon (Ans)
38 Which of the following rivers is also called yellow river Hawang river (Ans) Nile river Amazon river None of these
39 Colorado is a river which flows in Usa (Ans) Uk Brazil Peru
40 Congo river is located in Asia Africa (Ans) Europe America
41 Missouri is a river located in China Uk Usa  (Ans) Japan
42 Parana river is located in Paraguay (Ans) France India None of these
43 Seine river is located in France (Ans) Spain Germany None of these
44 Thames is a fmous river of Uk (Ans) USA Russia Japan
45 Ganga is a famous river of Japan Pakistan India China (Ans)
46 Mackenzie is a name of river located Briatin Brazil Candad (Ans) China
47 Murray is the name river of Austrailia (Ans) Canada South Africa China
48 Orange is the name of river of Congo Egypt Syria South Africa (Ans)
49 Which of the following rivers belongs to Russia Ob Lona Amur All of these (Ans)
50 Latani river is located in Syria Lebanon (Ans) Congo Roe river
51 Which is the shortest river of the wolrd Mekong Lena Congo Roe river (Ans)
52 Which is the shortest in the world with a total length of 98 km Amur ( Siberia) Reo

( Montana)  (Ans)

Danube (slovakia) Congo (zaire)
53 River Nile originates from Lake nyasa Cherangany mountain Lake Victoria (Ans) Springs in kenya


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