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Inspector Inland Revenue FBR Most important mcqs


Inspector Inland Revenue FBR Most important mcqs

These are the most relevant, important and helpful mcqs for the aspirants of Inspector INLAND REVENUE in Federal board of revenue.

Question no, Question Option A Option B Option C Option D
1 Pakistan Fiscal year starts from: 1st September 1st January 1st April 1st July (Answer)
2 Which is provincial tax in Pakistan? Excise tax Sales Tax Import Duty Motors token tax (Answer)
3 There is how many chapters included in Income Tax Ordinance? 11 Chapters 12 Chapters 13 Chapters (Answer) 14 Chapters
4 There is how many schedules included in Income Tax Ordinance 2001? 9 Schedules 6 Schedules 7 Schedules 8 Schedules (Answer)
5 There is how many sections included in Income Tax Ordinance 2001? 235 sections 240 sections (Answer) 250 sections 260 sections



6 Corporate tax is levied on: Landlords Municipal corporation Joint stock companies (Answer) Importers
7 Central Excise Act, 1944 was repealed by The Federal Excise Act, 2002 The federal Excise Act, 2004 The Federal Excise Act, 2005 (Answer) The Federal Excise Act, 2007
8 Name of Central Excise Duty has been changed as a Federal Excise Duty on 1st July, 2003 1st July, 2005 (Answer) 1st July, 2007


1st July, 2008


9 Inland Revenue Wing of the FBR was created, which is combination of ___ domestic taxes. 3 (Answer) 4 5 6
10 If we deduct direct tax from personal income, we get: Net national income Personal saving Disposable income (Answer) Per capita income
11 The largest part of national income is Consumption (Answer) Investment Transfer payments Saving


We measure national income by this method: Expenditure Method Income Method Product Method


All of above (Answer)
13 The most important source of a government is: Foreign loans Taxes (Answer) Printing of new money Sale of government property
14 In Pakistan, taxes are levied by: Prime minister of Pakistan President of Pakistan Federal Cabinet of ministers National Assembly (Answer)
15 Government finance is called National Finance Public finance (Answer) Private finance Both a and b
16 A direct tax is that which Is heavy burden on the tax payer Can be directly deposited in the banks Cannot be evaded Is paid by the person on whom it is levied (Answer)
17 In Pakistan government budget is prepared by National Assembly President of Pakistan Ministry of Finance (Answer) State Bank of Pakistan
18 If government increases taxes, private savings: Increase Decrease (Answer) Do not change Will become zero
19 Taxes on commodities are : Direct taxes Indirect taxes (Answer) Progressive taxes Proportional tax
20 Govt. Prepared its budget: Weekly Monthly Annually (Answer) Quarterly
21 It is direct tax Excise tax Sale tax Income tax (Answer) Custom duty
22 Which tax is not shared between central and provincial governments? Excise tax Sales tax Custom duty



Property tax (Answer)


23 Which is provincial tax in Pakistan? Excise tax Sales tax Import duty Motor token tax (Answer)
24 The budget estimate prepared by ministry of finance is finally approved by: State Bank President Senate National Assembly (Answer)

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