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Land record officer past paper 2013 | important mcqs from past paper of LRO


Land record officer past paper 2013 | important mcqs from past paper of LRO

Ye kuch mcqs hain land record officer k past papers main say, in mcqs ko agar achi tarah say tyar kar lia jaye to land record officer ya LRO k test ko attempt karnay main kafi had tak help mil sakti hain

In hi mcqs main land revenue act say bhi kuch mcqs hain jo LRO recruitment test main lazmi pochay jatay hain


No. Question Option A Option B Option C Option D
1 Who may pass orders for preparation of register haqdaran zameen if the same does not exist earlier? Assist. Commissioner Distt. Collector Commissioner Board of revenue (ANS)
2 In which court the appeal against mutation may be filled Assist. Commissioner (ANS) Deputy commissioner Commissioner Board of revenue
3 By whom abtadai tasdeek of register haqdaran zameen is carried out? Patwari (ANS) Qanoongo Naib tehsildar Tehsildar
4 Fard badar is to be sanctioned by? Naib tehsildar / tehsildar Addl. District collector (ANS) Deputy collector District collector
5 In which court the appeal against consolidation scheme may be filled? Consolidation officer Tehsildar Addl. Collector Addl. Commissioner consolidation (ANS)
6 Upon whom it is obligatory to carry out 100% inspection / partal of gardavan? Naib tehsildar Tehsildar Patwari (ANS) Qanoongo
7 What is the limitation of appeal to BOR under Punjab land revenue act 1967? 30 days 40 days 60 days (ANS) 90 days
8 A person of whom the land revenue of any land has been assigned in whole or in part by the Govt is? Village servant Zamindar Village headman (ANS) Jagirdar
9 When Punjab tenancy act was enacted? 26-09-1987 23-09-1982 26-09-1882 23-09-1987 (ANS)
10 A tenant having  a  right of a occupancy in land may b sublet a land or any part thereof for a term not exceeding Two years Three years Five years (ANS) Seven years
11 Under which para of land record manual summary inquiry into the title of inheritance is necessary Para 7.36 (ANS) Para 7.32 Para 7.33 Para 7.26
12 Under which para of land record manual duplicate copy of the mutation would be prepared when the original has been misplaced or lost? Para 7.40 (ANS) Para 7.20 Para 7.33 Para 7.32
13 Under which para of land record manual revenue officer is a responsible for correction of filed maps Para 3.12 (ANS) Para 4.32 Para 4.21 Para 4.23
14 Which para of land record manual guides with regard to preparation of talima shajra? Para 4.14 Para 4.33 (ANS) Para 4.21 Para 4.23
15 On which date inspection of kharif harvest should begin? 1st august 15th November 15th July 1st October (ANS)
16 On which date rabi harvest should begin 1st march (ANS) 15th march 15th April 15th may
17 Register haqdaran nakhlistan is included in the ? Record of rights (ANS) Register intaqalaat Register gardawari Register lal kitab
18 Statemen6t of customs

( Wajid-ul-arz)

Included in the ?

Register gardawari Register taqseem kasht (ANS) Register roznamcha Record of rights
19 Statement of rights in wells and tube wells is included in  the ? Register partal Register gardawari Register roznamcha (ANS) Register periodical record
20 Index of survey / khasra number in included in ? Register gardawari Register intaqalaat Register perioidical record  (ANS) Inspection register
21 Under which section of Punjab land revenue act 1967. Revenue officer may summon the person give evidence and produce documents 22 (ANS) 32 42 52
22 Under which section of Punjab land revenue act 1967. The computerized record shall be prepared 31 (B) 41 (A) (ANS) 51 (A) 61 (A)
23 What is the limitation of appeal to the collector under Punjab land revenue act 1976? 20 days 30 days  (ANS) 40 days 60 days
24 What is the limitation to the commissioner under Punjab land revenue act? 1967 20 days 30 days 50 days 60days (ANS)
25 Under which section of Punjab land revenue act 1967. Board of revenue may make cities for the demarcation of boundaries and creation of boundary makes? 121 (ANS) 122 123 124
26 Who scored a century before lunch in lead match Asif iqbal Zaheer abbas Shahid afridi Majid khan (ANS)
27 Pakistan scored 130 runs against England in 1st ODI at abu dhabi on 13-02-2012 and lost the match by runs? 120 130 125 (ANS) 135
28 How many balls are used in the game of snooker? 18 20 22 (ANS) 24
29 With which sport. Mets door is associated? Bull fighting (ANS) Rowling Cycling Yachting
30 When prime minister yousaf raza gillani was indicated for contempt of court by supreme court of Pakistan 10-02-2012 12-02-2012 13-02-2012 (ANS) 15-02-2012
31 When Osama bin laden was slain in his compound at abbot abad 01-03-2011 30-03-2011 15-04-2011 02-05-2011 (ANS)
32 NATO air raided salala check post killing 24 soldiers on the night of 20-21/11-2011 22-23/11-2011 23-24/11-2011 25-26/11-2011 (ANS)
33 Begum nusrat Bhutto died on? 10-10-2011 15-10-2011 20-10-2011 23-10-2011 (ANS)
34 Name of the biggest barrage of Pakistan Sukhar barrage (ANS) Taunsa barrage Guddu barrage Ghulam Muhammad barrage
35 When first TV station in Pakistan was established? 26-03-1954 26-05-1954 26-10-1954 26-11-1954 (ANS)
36 IN which year Dr. Abdul salam received the Nobel prize 1979 (ANS) 1980 1981 1982
37 Who was the first captain of Pakistan cricket team? Khan Muhammad Fazal mehmood Mohisn lateef Hafeez kardar (ANS)
38 How many deserts are there in Punjab? 1 2 (ANS) 3 4
39 When nab was established Oct 17, 1993 Nov 16, 1999 (ANS) Dec 15, 1999 Jan 12, 2000
40 Which is the maximum permissible period of physical remand under NAB ordinance 1999? 30 days (ANS) 45 days 60 days 90 days
41 When India was declared MFN ( most favorite country) by the cabinet 30-11-2011 1-11-2011 02-11-2011 (ANS) 03-11-2011
42 When women protection bill and anti-acid throwing bill was passed by senate? 05-12-2011 07-12-2011 09-12-2011 12-12-2011 (ANS)
43 Velocity of wind is measured by Speedo meter Tachometer Anemometer (ANS) Audio meter
44 Oncology is the study of Birds Cancer (ANS) Mammals Sod
45 A branch of medicine with skin is called Pharmacology Urology Phraseology Dermatology (ANS)
46 A branch of medicine studying blood and its disorders is called Dermatology Hematology (ANS) Entomology Pathology
47 Parkinson is a disease associated with Brain (ANS) Heart Lungs Bones
48 Which is the cause of dengue fever? Aedes aegypteis (ANS) Anocheies Baninehits None of these
49 Which vitamin gets destroyed by heating? A E C (ANS) K
50 Which gas is commonly used in balloons and airships Hydrogen Helium (ANS) Carbon dioxide Hydrogen sulfide



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