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past paper of lecturer English by ppsc 14th of june 2015 | PPSC past papers solved.


past paper of lecturer English by ppsc 14th of June 2015


@ Question Option A Option B Option C Option d
The set of all possible grammatical sentences in the language is: Le language (ANS) Language Parole None of these
The study of hearing and the perception of speech sounds is called Auditory phonetics


Acoustic phonetics Articulator phonics None of these
Phoneme, phone, allophone are the concepts of Phonetics Phonology (ANS) Anthropology linguistics
Consonant that is produced with a stricture is called Plosives or stops (ANS) Articulations Allophonic variations None of these
Lexical unite in which two or more lexical morphemes are juxtaposed is called Idiom Compound (ANS) Phrase Clause
Fries classifies utterances units into Single minimum free utterance Single free utterance, not minimum but expanded All of these (ANS) None of these
a contract language , a mixture of elements from different natural language is called Dialect Idiolect Diglossia Pidgin (ANS)
When pidgin becomes a linguafrance, it is called Dialect Idiolect Creole (ANS) diglossia
Technique used by skinner is Structuralism Behaviorism (ANS) None cognitive
Constant produced or formed by closure or near closure of the lips is called Nasal Glottal Bilabial (ANS) None
Name the war baron proved this rebellion by death by opposing Europeans by taking part in the war against Turks and supported Mustafa kamala  Greek war (ANS) Persian war England war
Name the poets who composed lyrical ballads (1978) Keats and Coleridge Keats and word worth Shelly and Coleridge Coleridge and words worth (ANS)
Charles dickens continued the tradition of _____ in his novas Classic Neo classic Romantics Per romantics
George Orwell criticizes the corruption under the The Bolsheviks Lenin Dostoevsky Hayward
GB Shaw was influenced by middle class society characters Ibsen (ANS) Charlie Morikis Shakespeare
A doll’s house by Ibsen deals with Guinea Nora (ANS) Rebecca Huda
The use of the word or phrase so as to emphasize or suggest its different meanings or the use of words that are alike or nearly alike in sound but different in meanings Pun (ANS) Skull Lots Car doge
In Sophocles , chorus consists of a 50 15 12 11
Name the poem written by motion, epic and critique L’Allegro Lucida Paradise lost (ANS) Paradise regained
The theme of paradise lost is Justification of God’s way to man (ANS)
The faerie queen by Spencer is Allegory (ANS)
Sylvia Plath was the wife of Ted Hughes (ANS)
Who said “ tragedy and common man” Arthur miller (ANS)
Name of the wife of bath in the prologue Alice (ANS)
Brockett Theatre of absurd (ANS)
The plays in which vices and virtues were personified are called Morality plays (ANS)
Who continued the tradition of irony of whose writer Swift Voltaire
Bacon was granted kinghood under Henry via James |(ANS) Elizabeth Tudor
In the poem , the rime of the ancient mariner, the dice game Life Death Life in death Death in life
There was a question about “aunt Jennifer’s tigers by Adrienne rich “ needlework
Pronouns, I, yourself, himself, herself, itself are? Reflexive (ANS) Reciprocal Both A and B None of these
Antonym of grotesque Graceful (ANS)
Antonym acumen
Antonym of patrician
Zenith nadir
Synonyms of pique?
Circumvent synonym is?
Synonyms of spoken verbal
T.S Eliot got Nobel prize  in 1948
Language of rustic people and stories of rustic people Blake Wordsworth (ANS)
In the mill on the floss, Tom and Maggie represent Eliot’s Religion Childhood memories (ANS) Social norms
Who is the writer of “ Piers plowman” Chaucer William Langland (ANS)
Name of the poet belong to a small group , got fame after 50 years age Coleridge (ANS) Keats Milton Spencer
The smallest parts of expression associated with some meanings are called Stems Morphemes (ANS) Suffixes prefixes
The set of all possible grammatical sentences in the language is Language (ANS)


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