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Past paper of senior auditor 2014 (solved) | Past papers of competitive exam

Past paper of senior auditor 2014 (solved) | Past papers of competitive exam


Numbers Question Option A Option B Option C Option D
1 A noun (such as courage of freedom) that names an idea, event, quality, or concept is called Abstract noun (ANS) Common noun Mass noun Concrete noun
2 He was treated like a_____ and cast out from his community. Ascetic Prodigy Prodigal Pariah (ANS)
3 A person who refuses compliance is called___ Recalcitrant  (ANS) Sadist Radical Theist
4 She is away ___ business. About Of In  (ANS) On
5 More of us die in bed than out of it.. Verb Pronoun (ANS) Adverb Adjective
6 The child chose the. (change active to passive voice) A hat was chosen by the child. The that was chosen by the child (ANS) The cap was chosen by the child the hat wasn’t chosen by the child
7 I have eaten a burger. (change active to passive voice) A burger has been eaten by me. (ANS) A chocolate has been eaten by me A burger was being eaten by me An ice cream has been eaten by me.
8 Identify the correct word Coordeination Cordination coordenation Coordination (ANS)
9 Admonitory Low-handed Glad Tracking Reproving (ANS)
10 Bilingual Clear in expression of ideas Of the brain Talkative Using two languages (ANS)
11 Misapprehension Wrong Mistaken idea (ANS) Trickery Unfair seizure
12 Discard Prefer Reject (ANS) Disagree Renounce
13 Choke Air (ANS) Strangle Strife None of these
14 Lessen Augment  (ANS) abash Shorten None of these
15 Soul Matter (ANS) Vital Ego Mind
16 Evaluation of news would imply Less dependence on modern systems of communication More careful analysis of each news story and its value (ANS) Separating beans from junk Discriminating horrors from disasters
17 The writer of the above passage Seems to be happy with the contemporary arrangements for circulating news Is shocked by the casual stories about horrors and disasters reported in the newspapers Wants better  evaluation of news before publication (ANS) Wants to put his foot down on news stories
18 In the above passage, the phrase ‘amounts to a row of beans’ means that the news Is weak and often wanting entirely Deserves no one’s attention (ANS) Should travel the wires Is junk dressed up as real news
19 Newspapers lack a sense of discrimination because They do not separate the real news from mere sensationalism (ANS) They have to accept whatever is received on the wires Limited manpower makes serious evolution impossible People don’t see the difference between junk and real news
20 The passage implies that There has to be censorship On newspapers There is no point in having censorship Newspapers always dress up junk to look meaningful (ANS) One has to be strict in selecting news items
21 Which of the following is not considered a financial statement? These are all financial statement Balance sheet Trial balance (ANS) Income stamen
22 What is the amount earned from the sale of goods and services called? Growth Revenue (ANS) Credit Profit
23 What is it called when your expenses are greater than your revenues on an income stamen? Debt Net loss (ANS) Loss Minor loss
24 An income statement encompasses which of the following? Assets, liabilities, owners equity Expenses, revenues, net income or net loss (ANS) Liquidity and maturity T-Charts, balance sheets and trial balance
25 A cost that changes with the number of units produced, but that can never be zero, is what kind of cost? Mixed cost (ANS) Period cost Variable cost Product cost
26 Manufacturing overhead is allocated as what kind of cost? Variable cost Period cost Product cost (ANS) Fixed cost
27 A cost that changed with the number of units produced and is zero when no units are produced is what kind of cost? Period cost Mixed cost Variable cost (ANS) Product cost
28 A cost that remains unchanged across the relevant across the relevant range of units produced is what kind of cost? Period cost Mixed cost Fixed cost (ANS) Product cost
29 When revenue is greater than expenses, you have a___? Net loss Net income (ANS) Contributed Historical valuation
30 Assets-Liabilities=__? Net income Revenue Net loss Shareholder’s equity (ANS)
31 Which financial statement shows the results of the operating  activities of a firm for a specific period of time? Income statement (ANS) Statement of cash flow Balance sheet Trail balance sheet
32 This statement reports the net cash flows relating to operating, investing, and financing activities for a period of time? Income stamen Unadjusted trail balance Comparative balance sheet Stamen of cash flows (ANS)
33 The amount of cash paid in acquiring an asset is called what? Current replacement cost Present value Net realizable cost Historical cost (ANS)
34 Which is an example of an intangible asset? Cash Patent (ANS) Equipment Building
35 Many individuals tend to______ their cash inflows and____ their cash outflows. Underestimate; overestimate Overestimate; accurately estimate Accurately estimate;  underestimate (ANS) Overestimate; underestimate
36 A ____difference between actual cash flows and forecasted cash flows means that the actual cash flow level___ the forecast. Positive; was less than Negative; exceeded positive; exceeded (ANS) None of the above
37 If you do not budget for unexpected expenses in a given month, you will likely experience ______net cash flows than expected over time. The same Higher Lower (ANS) None of these
38 ___assets include items normally owned by a household, such as a home, a car, and furniture. Investment Household (ANS) Liquid None of these
39 ___is (are) certificated issued by borrowers (typically, firms and government agencies) to obtain long-term funds. Bonds (ANS) Stocks Commercial paper None of these above
40 Which of the following is not an example of a long-term liability? Student loan Car loan Mortgage Purchases on credit at a local grocery store (ANS)
41 In order to communicate, motivate and delegate a manager must have; Political skills Conceptual skills Technical skills Interpersonal skills (ANS)
42 Which of the following is called output of a system? Services Material (ANS) Human Information resource
43 Who is credited for the theory of motivation based on the hierarchy of needs? Abraham Maslow (ANS) Douglas McGregor henri fayol Mary parker Follett
44 Which of the following is not an example of a constituency that makes u the specific environment? Customers Socio-cultural (ANS) Suppliers Competitors
45 If we deduct grants for creation of capital assets from revenue deficit, we arrive at the concept of Primary deficit Net fiscal deficit Budgetary deficit Effective revenue deficit (ANS)
46 Equality of income and equality of opportunity is refers to: Equality Political equality Economic equality (ANS) Human equality
47 The main purpose of business ethics is to? Understanding ethical uncertainties Principles and concepts (ANS) Application of practices All of the above
48 Which theory includes means of production and selling one’s labour ? Capitalist systems (ANS) Free economy system Socialist system None of the above
49 Which of the following is not a core function of management? Planning Organizing Motivating  (ANS) Leading
50 Which of the following business types has longest life time? Sole proprietorship Partnership Joint stock company (ANS) All of the given options


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