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Past paper of senior auditor 2015 | senior auditor solved past papers


Past paper of senior auditor 2015 | senior auditor solved past papers

Question number Question Option A Option B Option C Option D
1 The teacher accused me of _____ because my essay was similar to that of another student Procrastination Plagiarism (ANS) Celerity Confusion
2 Doctrine that there is only one gold called Dualism Communism Monotheism (ANS) Nihilism
3 Swan: cygnet::____:______ Goose: gosling (ANS) Bevy: beauties Swan: genus Lion: pride
4 The new store opens______ business in march For (ANS)  In About Of
5 There is a little danger in going there Pronoun Adverb Adjective (ANS) Verb
6 A word that used to describe a noun or pronoun is called Conjunction Preposition Adverb Adjective (ANS)
7 Does the police catch the thief ( change into passive voice) Is the robber caught by the police? Is the thief caught by the police (ANS) Is the burglar caught by the police Is the shoplifter caught by the police
8 Identify the correct word Testimony  (ANS) Testimonye Testimonay tesimanoney
9 (Chose the correct synonyms of given words)


Skillful (ANS) Deficient Hard-heated Surprising
10 Glutinous Sensual Sickly (ANS) Robust Greedy
11 Bicameral Disputed Woven together Having two chambers (ANS) Upward curving
12 Mitigate Simply Lessen (ANS) Proclaim Intensity
13 (Choose the antonyms of given below words)




Demand Assume Punish
14 Lawful Illicit (ANS) Fair In laws None of these
15 Solitary Secluded Sociable (ANS) Deserted None of these
Read the paragraph and mention the answers
What needs to be set right is our approach to work. It is a common sight in our country of employees reporting for duty on time and at the same time doing little work . if an assessment is made of time they spent in gossiping , drinking tea, eating “PAN” and smoking cigarettes, it will be shocking to know that the time devoted to actual work is negligible. The problem is the standard which the leadership in administration sets for the staff. Forgot the ministers because they mix politics and administration. What do top bureaucrats do? What do the below down officials do? The administration set up remains week mainly because the employees do not have the right example to follow and they are more concerned about being in the good books of the bosses than doing work. . . . .
16 The employees in our country Are quite punctual but not duty conscious (ANS) Are not punctual but somehow manage to complete their work Are somewhat lazy but good nature Are very highly qualified
17 According to the writer , the administration in India Is by and large effective Is very strict and firm Is affected by the red tape Is more or less ineffective (ANS)
18 The word “ assessment”  means Inquiry Report Evaluation (ANS) Summary
19 The leadership in administration Sets a fine example to employees Is of a reasonable highly standard Is composed of idealists Is a very poor standard (ANS)
20 The central idea of passage cold be best expressed by the following The employee outlook towards work is justified The employee must change their outlook towards work (ANS) The employees would never change their culture The employer –employee relationship is a far from healthy
21 Which of following is not true regarding budgets A cash flow statement that is based on foretasted cash flows for a future time period is referred to as a budget Firms use budgets to anticipate any deficiency in funds Individuals can use budgets to anticipate any deficiencies in funds All of the above are true regarding budgets (ANS)
22 A company having a current ratio of a 1 will have _______ net working capital Positive Negative Zero (ANS) None of these
23 Business finance addresses which of the following? Capital budgeting Capital structure Working capital management All of these options (ANS)
24 A government servant not employed in a substantive permanent capacity is granted compensation gratuity / pension if he is discharged after completing qualifying service of __________ years or more owing to the abolition of his post or is replaced by a qualified candidate 15/25 years 20/25 years 10/25 years (ANS) 10/20 years
25 What is valid pension An invalid pension is awarded on his retirement from the public service to a government servant who by bodily or mental infirmity is permanently incapacitated for the public service or for the particular branch of it which he belongs. The infirmity has , however, to be certified by a duly constituted medical board If a temporary government servant is retired for inefficiency due to mental or physical infirmity he shall be allowed pensions benefits as if he was required to retire in terms of rule 10-A of the fundamental rules In case an officer dies before his retirement his pension  is calculated , as if he was retired on invalid pension on the date following the date of his death All of these (ANS)
26 ________ is granted to the family of a government servant who died before retirement Invalid pension Family pension (ANS) Superannuation pension Retiring pension
27 __________ is granted to a government servant who is entitled or compelled by rule to retire at a particular age Invalid pension Family pension Superannuation pension (ANS) Retiring pension
28 Is granted to a government servant who is permitted to retire after completing qualifying service of 25 years. Such pension is also granted government servant who is required by government to retire after completing twenty-five years qualifying service  or more Invalid pension Family pension Superannuation pension Retiring pension


29 A government servant other than a government servant against whom a departmental proceeding is pending has the right retire from service after completion of _____ qualifying service 50 years 35 years 30 years 25 years (ANS)
30 In which type of business, all owners share in gains and losses and all have unlimited liability for all business debts? Sole proprietorship General partnership (ANS) Limited partnership corporation
31 Which of the following is measured by retention ratio? Operating efficiency Asset use efficiency Financial policy Dividend policy (ANS)
32 How many years will it take to pay off a Rs. 11,000 loan with a Rs. 1,241,08 annual payment and a 5 % interest rate 6 year 12 year (ANS) 24 year 48 years
33 Which one of the following terms refers to the risk arises for bond owners from fluctuating interest rates? Fluctuation risk Interest rate risk (ANS) Real-time risk Inflation risk
34 Which of the following set rations related the market price of the firm’s common stock to selected financial statement items? Liquidity ratios Leverage ratios Profitability ratios (ANS) Market value ratios
35 If a firm uses cash to purchase inventory , its quick ratio will, Increase Decrease (ANS) Remain unaffected Become zero
36 Which of the following is the power that rests on the leader’s ability to punish or control? Reward power Coercive power Expert power (ANS) Referent power
37 Inspiring people to be high performer is called Controlling Leading (ANS) Planning Organizing
38 Which of the following theory is currently the most widely accepted when describing employee motivation Reinforcement Thee-need (ANS) Expectancy Equity
39 Activities such as taking visitors to dinner and attending ribbon cutting ceremonies come under which of the following management role? Leader Liaison  (ANS) Figurehead Negotiator
40 LG and Sony electronics agreed to cooperate on developing new technologies. Representatives from each firm meet regularly to coordinate this new venture. Which of the following roles these managers are playing Liaison (ANS) Leader Discriminator Spokesperson
41 A skill or capability that enables an organization to conceive of a implement its strategies is its: Strength (ANS) Weakness Opportunity Threat
42 Which of the following is a general statement or understanding that guide or channelize thinking in decision  making Policy (ANS) Procedure Rule Project
43 Which of the following is a process that involves managers from all parts of the organization in the formulation of strategic goals? Strategic management (ANS) Strategic positioning Strategic planning Strategic organization
44 Maslow’s need hierarchy, a healthy work enjoyment is an example of what type of need? Physiological Esteem Safety (ANS) Social
45 What would be the best description of plans that focus on the board future of the organization and incorporate both external environmental demands and internal resources into manager’s actions? Operational plans Tactical plans Strategic plans (ANS) Holistic plans
46 When call center managers spend much of their time monitoring customer calls and giving employees feedback about how to improve their dialogue with the customers in the future , these managers using which of the following skills Technical (ANS) Conceptual Situational Ethical
47 Standard corporation sold fully depreciated equipment for Rs.5000. this transaction will be reported on the cash flow statement as Operating activity Investing activity (ANS) Financing activity None of these
48 Which of the following form of business organization is least regulated? Sole-proprietorship (ANS) General partnership Limited partnership corporation
49 A group of accounts with a common characteristic such as all customer accounts is a? General account Subsidiary ledger (ANS) Special journal General ledger
50 Which of the following is not an acceptable statement of the basic accounting equation Assets= liabilities -owner’s equity /  capital (ANS) Assets= liabilities + owner’s equity / capital Assets – liabilities = owner’s equity / capital Assets – owner’s equity / capital = liabilities

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