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Past papers for the exams of Inspector inland revenue FBR (FPSC)


Past papers of Inspector inland revenue FBR

These mcqs along with there answers are extracted from the past papers of inspector inland revenue under federal board of revenue (FBR). Read out the mcqs and good luck for your exams 🙂

25 Devaluation means Change in the currency of a country Decrease in the value of gold Decrease in the value of money in terms of foreign currency (Answer) Decrease in the value of money internally
26 When the central Board of Revenue (CBR) was established? 1st April, 1924 (Answer) 7th April, 1924 6th April, 1924 9th April, 1924


27 What is the main function of money? To buy eatables from the market To serve as a medium of exchange (Answer) To earn interest from a bank To buy luxurious goods
28 A direct tax is that which: Is heavy burden on the tax payers Can be directly deposited in the banks Cannot be evaded Is paid by the person on whom it is levied (Answer)
29 Special procedure under the title of Sales Ta special procedure (Withholding Tax) Rules 2007
was introduced on:
20th June 2007 10th June 2007 30th June 2007 (Answer) 25th June 2007
30 Whom of the following propounded principles of taxation: Keynes Marshall Adam Smith (Answer)


Al Ghaali


31 There is how many schedules included in the Sales Tax Act, 1990? 9 schedules (Answer) 6 schedules 7 schedules 8 schedules



32 There is how many sections included in the Sales Tax Act. 1990? 75 Sections (Answer) 80 sections 85 sections 95 sections
33 Which section of sales tax act, 1990 deals with Special Audit by Chartered Accountants or Cost
29 30 31 32 (Answer)
34 Which Section of the Sales Tax Act, 1990 deals with offences and penalties? 33 (Answer) 34 35 36
35 No person other than a ________ shall make any deduction or reclaim input tax in respect of
taxable supplies made or to be made by him.
Unregistered person Registered person (Answer) Association None of these
36 In Pakistan, income tax is collected by: Local govt. Provincial govt Federal govt (Answer) All governments
37 Sales tax in Pakistan is: Direct and progressive Direct and proportional Indirect and progressive Indirect and proportional (Answer)
38 It is easy and convenient to pay: Direct tax Indirect tax (Answer) Proportional tax Progressive tax
39 It is difficult to evade Direct tax (Answer) Indirect Proportional Progressive tax
40 Which tax is not shared between central and provincial governments? Excise tax Sales tax Custom duty Property tax (Answer)


41 Which is provincial tax in Pakistan? Excise tax Sales tax Import duty Motors token tax (Answer)
42 What is benefit of tariffs? Increased choice Increased Govt. revenue (Answer) More competition More trade
43 Pakistan public debt is: Larger than GNP Equal to GNP Smaller than GNP (Answer) Smaller than our exports
44 Pakistan fiscal year start from: 1st September 1st January 1st April 1st July (Answer)
45 As per law each registered person must file a return by the _________ of each month regarding
the sales made in last month.
10th 15th (Answer) 20th 25th


46 There are ___ director generals in FBR? 6 7 (Answer) 9 10
47 There are ___ large taxpayer units for Inland Revenue collection 2 5 3 (Answer) 6
48 . Fiscal laws means a general reference to the laws relating to: Budget matters Finance matters (Answer) Tax matters None of these
49 The federal budget is presented in the parliament by: PM President Finance minister (Answer) Commerce minister
50 System of eTax in Pakistan was introduced in? 2007 2008 (Answer) 2009 2010

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